A Time for Leadership, Calmness and Confidence
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A Time for Leadership, Calmness and Confidence

A Time for Leadership, Calmness and Confidence

The continued fallout from last week’s referendum result, whether you were in or out in your decision, it appears that leadership and strategy has been in short supply and we appear to be now in a period where we are being almost encouraged by the media and some business organisation to have no confidence in our ability to govern and look after ourselves and to talk ourselves into recession.

Our marketing team carried out a snapshot survey of members a few weeks before the referendum and the responses received reflected a near equal split of opinion.  One assumes that the pros and cons on EU membership considered by those members who responded were generally consistent with the broader opinion across construction and the business community in general.

So what no. At Wednesday’s Construction Products Association Council meeting we were advised that in the short term the impact might be on delays on upcoming contracts until markets settle, in the medium term that there might be pressure on skills and in the long term impact on inward investment to the UK. Most trade association leaders agreed that this is a time of opportunity and therefore potential benefit to members.  Government and other regulatory bodies that have deferred to the EU for decisions are going to need the help and support of key trade association in recreating UK regulations. Into this mix we must also add the importance of meeting the needs of the devolved nations.

At CompetentRoofer it is essential that we are calmly communication to all stakeholders that it is business as usual for our members, whilst at the same time developing a clear strategy to support our members in opportunity, standards and guidance in whatever direction the economy takes us. The decision has been made and now let’s get on with it positively, reflecting on all opinions, confident in our own ability as an industry to be the best in Europe and further afield.

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