Commercial Works

Compliance with Building Regulations is vitally important for all projects, especially large commercial jobs. Using a CompetentRoofer registered contractor can reduce the burden as they can self-certify that their work complies with all current Building Regulations.

CompetentRoofer will notify the Local Authority Building Control on completion of refurbishment work. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) and, for projects under £50,000, a 10-year insurance backed guarantee (IBG) will be sent to the property owner (preferential rates are available for projects over £50,000). This gives your client peace of mind, saves you the effort of arranging multiple visits from a LABC inspector, and ensures your client fulfils their legal requirement.

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Our contractors must pass a rigorous vetting process which includes a financial check, desktop and office audits, and site inspections before they are accepted into the scheme. This gives you confidence that when you use a CompetentRoofer contractor they will work to a high standard and have been benchmarked against a strict set of criteria.

Housing Associations, Local Authorities, and commercial building owners also have the potential to save vast amounts of money. For Housing Associations, especially, savings can reach thousands of pounds. Let CompetentRoofer take the strain of reporting the work, save your client money in the process, and gain an edge over your competition.